Altay Bouquet, Sea-buckthorn Mix (3 species) in the show-box, 18 sticks, 13.33 oz (378 g)

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  • Package Quantity: 13.33 oz

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Why choose - try everything at once!
Now the three most popular tastes of sea-buckthorn tea GoldenMix in one show box!
Convenient form and useful content - so that every day and in any situation you can enjoy a drink from high-grade Altaic sea-buckthorn. Sea-buckthorn tea GoldenMix is ​​an innovative product, fundamentally different from loose and packaged tea with its thick consistency and stick-packing. The kit includes 7 Original (classic sea-buckthorn taste), Energy (to maintain energy reserves of the body) and Immunity (to strengthen immunity). Each stick contains a natural bioavailable serotonin, a "hormone of joy", responsible in the body for a good mood. Regular use of the drink will have a positive effect on the entire body, since it has antioxidant, immunomodulatory and anti-inflammatory properties. Does not contain caffeine, flavors, GMO and starch.
In show-box 21 stick (7 energy, 7 immunity, 7 original).
Beneficial features
GoldenMix Original helps to fill the vitamin-mineral balance, raises the mood;
GoldenMix Energy increases the tone of the body, restores after fatigue, stimulates the brain;
GoldenMix Immunity helps to strengthen immunity, increases the body's resistance.

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